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Abrazo Medical Group Patient Portal Login Guide – Simple Steps To Sign In

Abrazo Medical Group Patient Portal Login Guide

Loginspage is here with another wonderful guide on how to log into your Abrazo Medical Group Patient Portal.

We shall also include in this guide how to reset your login password if you accidentally forgot it and who you should contact if all efforts prove futile.

Abrazo Medical Group of Physicians Services as we all know provides medical services to its cherished clients and patients through physical contact or the patient online portal.

They provide services such as:

Without wasting much time, let us proceed to what is required of you before you can log in to the patient portal.

Requirements Needed To Login Into Abrazo Medical Group Patient Portal

Below are the things you need to access the Abrazo Medical Group Patient Portal:

Those are the basic requirements you must meet before you can login to your portal.

Haven met all that above, let’s move to proceed to the next stage below.

Steps On How To Login Into Abrazo Medical Group Patient Portal

To successfully login to your Abrazo Medical Group Patient Account, follow these simple steps:

1. Click here to open the Abrazo Medical Group page.

2. When the site opens, you scroll down and click on “Log in with athenahealth”.

3. Upon clicking on that, you will be redirected to a new page to fill in your logins.

4. Type in your email address and it should strictly be the email you used to register with Abrazo Medical Group.

5. Next, enter your password.

6. Now, click on Log In.

7. You should be comfortably logged in if all details entered are correct.

That is how simple you can log into the Abrazo Medical Group Patient Portal.

There have also been recorded instances where members weren’t able to login due to password forgetfulness.

Read below to find out how to resolve that.

How To Reset Your Abrazo Medical Group Password If Forgotten

To reset your password with ease, follow the steps below:

1. On the Patient Portal Login page, below the “Log In” button, click on the “Forgot password?” or Click here to open it right away.

2. Next, enter the email address you used for opening the account with them.

3. Next, click on “Email me”.

4. A link will be emailed to you containing a link with instructions on how to reset your password.

5. After resetting the password, try logging in with it to confirm it’s successful.

That is how easy it is to reset your password when the need arises.

Who Should You Contact If You Have Other Complaints

You can reach out to Abrazo Medical groups of Physician Services through this link

That is all you need to know in today’s guide. Let us know if you have challenges and we will support you.

Thank you.

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