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Zoom Account Login Guide – How To Successfully Sign-In To Your Zoom Account

Zoom Account Login Guide


Are you struggling to access the Zoom login page or you have challenges with signing in to your account?

We have created this login guide to help all those who have challenges with signing in to their Zoom account.

One of the significant technological boasts in the area of video conferencing calls is ZOOM. It has provided an excellent avenue for meetings and other programs to be held virtually.

Having a Zoom account is free, and accessing it is also very simple; however, there are many people, one way or the other find it hard to access it.

We will be taking you through how to login to your Zoom account in this article.

If you don’t have an existing Zoom account, you can create one via the URL: https://zoom.us/signup.

Requirements To Login To Zoom

Before you can log in to your account, you need to create your account. At this stage, you would be required to provide the following:

After providing these, a confirmation link will be sent to your email.

You are then required to open your email, open the mail, and click on the confirmation link.

You will then need to provide other details, including choosing a preferred password.

After all these steps, your Zoom account is ready.

Steps To Login Your Zoom Account

How To Sign-In To Your Zoom Account

After successfully creating your account, you can visit the Zoom login page and access your account by following the simple steps below:

1. Visit the Zoom login portal here https://zoom.us/signin.

2. Enter your email.

3. After that, enter your Zoom password.

4. Log in to your account by clicking on the sign-in tab.

Those are all the simple steps you need to follow to access the Zoom login page and sign-in to your account.

How To Reset/Change Password If Forgotten

If you forgot your password for any obvious reason, there is no need to panic because there are a plethora of options for you to change your Zoom login password in some simple steps.

Change Zoom Password

At the login interface, there is a button that displays “FORGOT” that is found in the password tab.

Click on it and enter your email address and click on send.

A reset link will now be available to you, and you can change your password and access your account once again with ease.

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Who Should You Contact If You Can’t Sign-In To Zoom?

If you are experiencing problems resetting your password, there is a support button, and you can easily reach out to their representatives.

The support button is the BLUE icon seen at the bottom of the image.

That is all you need to know about the Zoom login guide.

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