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Zopa Login Guide – Steps To Sign-In To Zopa Loan Account & Change Password

Zopa account login guide

Zopa Account Sign-In

Are you having login problems with your Zopa loan login account? Here in this interesting login guide, we will give you all the guidelines you need to access the Zopa login portal without stress.

Zopa is one of the best online peer-peer lending companies that has granted people access to the best value loans and investments over the years since its establishment.

It has been in existence for many years now, so when it comes to experience in their services, they have a lot in the bad to deliver.

As we said earlier, our main focus is on how to access the Zopa login portal, so continue reading as we are about to unfold all the detail to login without hustle.

Before we proceed, let’s look at the things you require to log into your account.

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Requirements For Accessing Zopa Loan Login Portal

If you want to log into your Zopa account, here are the things you need:

1. Zopa Loan account.

2. Email address linked to your Zopa account.

3. Login password.

Now, let see how you can sign in to your account online through the Zopa login portal.

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Steps To Log Into Your Zopa Loan Account Online

Here are the steps you must follow if you want to log into your Zopa account online:

1. Visit the Zopa login portal here.

2. Enter your email address in the first box.

3. Secondly, type in your Zopa password.

4. Again, check to see if you have entered the right login credentials.

5. Now, click on “Sign in securely”.

6. You will be logged into your Zopa account if the details you entered are correct.

That is how you can Sign in to your Zopa account securely.

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How To Reset/Change Your Zopa Login Account Password When You Forget It

Below are the correct procedures you should follow to reset your Zopa account password if you have forgotten it;

1. Kindly go to the Zopa login page

2. Click on “Set new Password.”

3.On the next Zopa loan login page, enter the right email address you use to register your Zopa account.

4. Again, check if you entered the correct email address.

5. Now, click on “Send my link.”

6. Automatically, you will receive an email from Zopa loan with a password reset link. Note the link is valid for 24 hours.

7. Click on the reset link in your email to set a new password for your Zopa account.

8. After you have successfully changed your Zopa login password, log in to verify if it works.

That is how you can change the login password of your Zopa loan account.

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How Safe Is Zopa

Zopa is very safe, and they are rich in experience. They have been in existence since 2005 and have served and given a lot of people access to loans from the beginning.

They are still alive doing the same thing.

So if you have any doubts about Zopa, review it.

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Can I Cancel My Zopa Loan

Yes, Zopa allows its clients to cancel their loans if their applications have not been submitted, by logging into your Zopa loan account online.

Also, when a loan application has been submitted and in review, Zopa still allows customers to cancel their loan.

In that case, you must call a loan by contacting the Zopa customer care.

Here is the Zopa Customer care number: 020 7580 6060

That is all you need to know about the Zopa Loan login guide.

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