7 thoughts on “Crowd1 Login Page – Steps To Sign-In To Crowd1 Account Login Portal”

  1. I cannot log in again to my Crowd 1 account.
    I am a registered member but have been in the hospital for some time now, everything has just changed for me please.
    This is my username: lycianna.

  2. Portia Ntheleng Tlhapane
    Hi there
    My username is Ntheleng.
    I have recently changed my password. but when I try to log in the system gives me an error. It gives an error even if I am trying to logon with the old password.
    My old email address xxxxxhoprite.co.za. I have requested a reset string. I am sure the reset string goes to this email. I am no longer at work but now using this new email; xxxx@gmail.com.

  3. My Neil Theys,
    Registered Member.
    Logon errors: Server could not be found. Try later again. Been doing this for days and same problem.
    Been hospitalised since mid October 2020.
    Do I get all my CROWD1 REWARDS I lost?
    Please urgently assist.
    Thank you
    Neil Theys
    072 715 3787

  4. I’m a membre of crowd1 for a long time but nowadays, it ‘s impossible for me to login in my account.


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